The Way to The Top for Christians

As a Christian, the way to the top is to make heaven and live a prosperous life on earth. To be at the top means to receive a divine settlement from God. Your career, successful marriage, health, spiritual life, finance, every other thing is top-notch.

According to the scripture in Psalm 75: 6-7, God is the giver of success. He can lift you up and also choose to demote you. Nobody wants divine demotion. It is necessary to know the requirements and hindrances for divine settlement.

An insight into God’s care for us to succeed as Christians is in 2 Chronicles 16:9. God is not just concerned about your spiritual life. He also cares about your success here on earth. God is the overseer of everything that goes on around you. He gives grace to his children to overcome the challenges of life.

Here are some requirements to stay at the top as a Christian.

How to Get to The Top as A Christian

  1. Be Humble
  2. Discipline Yourself
  3. Deal with Your Anger
  4. Discover Your Purpose
  5. Abstain from Sin
  6. Use Your Talent

1. Be Humble

Humility is a virtue of being modest. Every Christian must exhibit a lifestyle of humility. You cannot be a candidate for God’s favour when you are arrogant. The scripture instructs believers in 1 Peter 5:5 to clothe themselves in humility. God does not associate with proud people.

Humility is a force that can move you to the top as a Christian. Your speech, personality and association must give glory to God.

Check out yourself. If you notice there are traces of proudness in your life, ask the Lord to help you stay humble.

2. Discipline Yourself

To get to the top, you must have discipline. Discipline means to deny yourself of certain pleasures to achieve a big reward. If you intend to be at the top, you must be prudent. It is doing the right thing at the right time.

Prudency is also a rule to become a prosperous Christian. In the book of Proverbs 27:12, the scripture admonishes us to be prudent. You have to learn how to analyse situations and apply the right strategy. That is why the scripture tells us in 1 Peter 5:8 to be watchful and vigilant.

3. Deal with Your Anger

It is natural to get angry in certain circumstances. But, the inability to control your temper makes you vulnerable on many levels. The scripture in Ecclesiastes 7:9 describes an individual who is hasty to get angry as a fool. Never allow anger to take over your temperament.

There will always be people or situations to piss you off. The goal is to learn how to control your anger. Any word or action did while you are angry is unretrievable.

God would not want to place a person at the top who brings dishonour to his name. Forgive those who trespass against you as mandated in Ephesians 4:26.

4. Discover Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose is a prerequisite for receiving help from God to be at the top. Imagine receiving God’s promotion in your career when you don’t know have a dream.
Your purpose in life is that which you want to do and aim to achieve. Whatever is your aspiration, it should impact lives.

Are you clueless about what is your purpose? Pray to God to help you discover your purpose. Ensure that you examine yourself to identify what you love to do the most. That could be your purpose.

5. Abstain from Sin

Sin is a force that pulls you to the opposite direction of your destiny or purpose. It is not the will of God for you to dwell in sin. The death of Jesus is a mediation between God and man. The gateway for Christians to have direct access to God. But, sin will separate you from God.

6. Use Your Talent

You cannot get to the top by doing anything. Talent is an inborn ability inside of you. It is that thing that brings you joy when doing it. As a Christian, you must use your gift. It is your talent that will uplift you to the top. People who do what they love to do are more likely to succeed than individuals who hate their job.

In 1 Samuel 16:17-19 King Saul needed to hire a man who could play music very well. A servant who knew David as a talent player recommended him. David became king over all Israel in 2 Samuel 5:3. Here is a demonstration of how your talent can open opportunities for you.

You don’t want to be a lazy Christian. Ensure that you use your talent.

Stay Blessed.

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