Lodges in UNEC and Hostel Accommodation in Enugu Campus

Hostel accommodation and lodges in UNEC is a big challenge for new and crossover students in Enugu Campus. At the beginning of every session, students get stranded because they do not have anywhere to stay.

To give you an idea of how ugly the situation can get. At the start of my second year. A few of my classmates could not resume until after a month into lectures. They had no place to stay. It was a painful experience for them. In hopelessness, they kept on seeing lecture schedules on the class WhatsApp group. 

Even so, a few lucky ones were able to live with their uncles and aunties staying in Enugu. Even though they still had to spend up to four hundred on transportation daily.

Unlike in Nsukka Campus, accommodation is a serious challenge in the Enugu Campus. The challenges can break you down. Put you at a disadvantage position. 

As you already know, UNEC is in the heart of Enugu city. No form of special consideration for students accommodation. 

Whether you intend to stay in the school hostel or off-campus, you must not fail to make adequate preparations. Unless that you want to resume for lecture late.

This post also contains all you must know to settle down as a first year or cross over student in UNEC campus.

The first and second section of this post is for hostel and off campus accommodation. I have also included other important information that will help you get started in Enugu Campus. Welcome to the Den for professionals.

UNEC Campus
Welcome to UNEC

If you have any question or need further clarification, do let me know in the comment box.

Table of Contents

How Many Hostels are in UNEC?

There are a total of nine hostels in UNEC. Two hostels for male students and six hostels for the female folks. The ninth hostel called Kwame Nkurumah hostel is for Postgraduate students. 

Names of Male Hostels in UNEC

  • Kenneth Dike Hall (IJ) Hostel
  • Mbonu Ojike Hall (GH) Hostel

Kenneth Dike is also called IJ Hostel. Mbonu Ojike is called GH hostel. In case you are wondering the rationale behind the IJ and GH alphabet tag, I will tell. 

Each hostel comprises of two wings or section one and two. They are assigned a letter of the alphabet. For example, the first wing of Kenneth Dike hostel gets the letter I. 

The second wing goes with letter J. Combination of both alphabets gives IJ Hostel. 

It is easier for students to say GH than say Mbonu Ojike hall. You get the logic, right? Although, the naming system is not notable for female hostels in UNEC. Lioness (female students) prefer to call the name of their hostel. You hear them say something like I live at Adelabu, not EF hostel.

Mbaonu Ojike hostel, UNEC
Mbaonu Ojike Hostel, UNEC

The two boys hostel in UNEC is the same. A two-winged three-storey building. 

Many Lions (male students) prefer Mbonu Ojike hall (GH) to Kenneth Dike. The reason is that GH is more organized and neater than IJ.

Life in the male hostel is interesting. There is never a dull moment here. It an avenue to meet with other students; the good, bad, noisy, troublesome, etc.

If you intend to go into student union politics, the hostel can give you the required popularity.

How Many Students Per Room?

In Enugu Campus, there are four legal occupants assigned to a room. The number of occupants may increase due to squatters (illegal occupants). 

Each room contains a study table, a bunk and makeshift kitchen cabinet.

The major downside of living in GH or IJ is the poor sanitary condition of the hostels. 

Also, privacy is a luxury here. If you prefer a calm study environment, off-campus might be the best option for you.

Names of Female Hostels in UNEC

  1. Lady Eudorah Ibiam Hostel
  2. Presidential Hall
  3. Samuel Manuwa Hall
  4. Jereton Marriere Hostel
  5. Odumegwu Ojukwu Hall
  6. Adelabu Hall

Lady Eudorah Ibiam Hostel

Lady Ibiam is the largest female hostel in UNEC. For some reasons, I prefer to describe it as the best hostel in UNEC. 

The three-storey hostel has two wings comprising of one hundred and sixty rooms. The legal number of occupants in Lady Ibiam is five female students per room.

Ibiam has a similar structure to the male hostels. There is never a quiet time here. 

As a plus, the hostel is in the centre of the school environment. From Ibiam, you can assess anywhere in the school.

Do you want to do side business with your academics? Then, Lady Ibiam is the best place to stay. All the mini-market and 97% of food joints in school are around Ibiam Hostel.

Due to her great numerical strength, Ibiam ladies control student politics in UNEC. Without the support of Ibiam, you can never win a student union government (SUG) election in UNEC.

Staying in Ibiam has a significant role for ladies with political ambitions.

Disadvantages of Staying UNEC
Noisy Environment

Lady Ibiam is everything but serene. Like the male hostel, she never stops talking. The noise that emanates from the hostel at night can sometimes be frightening. 

There about 180 rooms in Ibiam. Multiply that times five legal occupant. You will get eight hundred ladies in one hostel. Lady Ibiam is a noisy hostel.

To add to the lack of serenity. Eudorah Ibiam hostel is next to IJ Port. A popular location for religious and sports events. 

Even so, the noise should not have a direct impact on your academics. There is a reading room in the hostel where you can do your jacking and awoko. Or, you can go for night class to read till daybreak (TBD).

Poor Sanitary Condition

The sanitary condition of Lady Ibiam is the worst amongst the female hostels in UNEC. For this reason, most female students detest staying at Ibiam.

Electricity Problem

Electrical blackout is a challenge in Ibiam. It is common for some sections of the hostel not to have a power supply in a particular school night.

The fact is that the hostel structure is old. So, there is a tendency there will be discrepancies with the electrical system from time to time. 

Presidential Hall UNEC

Presidential hall is a private hostel. If you are a crossover student from Nsukka Campus, you already know what the hostel looks. The hostel accommodates ten female students per room.

Presidential is for female students like staff kids and some students. It means that you cannot apply to get the hostel through the university hostel portal.

For security, the hostel scores A1. Visitors are usually not allowed to pass through the reception area.

Do you intend to stay in Presidential Hostel? You need to make further inquiries from the student affairs department.

Other Female Hostels in UNEC

Manuwa, Marriere, Ojukwu and Adelabu hostel all have similar structures. They are the most sort after by female students. 

The legal number of occupants in these halls are three students per room.

Amongst these hostels, Manuwa is the favourite followed by Marierie. The four hostels are the same except that ladies would always want to create a hierarchy.

For serenity, Adelabu is the best hostel. 

Marierie and Manuwa hostel have fancy windows located close the Access Bank ATM. You can never go broke if you live here. It is a secret.

In terms of location, Ojukwu is a little off from the other hostels. The advantage is that it is close to the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Here is my verdict.

If you have the intention of running for student politics, you have to stay in Lady Ibiam for at least a session. The hostel will give you the popularity boost you need for student unionism.

Ibiam is also the best choice if you are into makeup or sell products like bags, perfume, brassier, shoes, coconut oil, etc. 

The mega population here gives you a vast reach to potential customers.

If what you need is a serene and clean study environment. Your target should be on Manuwa, Marierie, Adelabu and Ojukwu hostel.

How Much is Water in the Hostel

A gallon of water goes for fifty naira in the hostel.

There is no well water in the hostel. Students get free water mostly during SUG elections.

How to Apply for UNEC Hostel Accommodation

Application for UNEC hostel accommodation is on the UNN hostel portal. First-year and final year students get extra considerations. It means that more space is available for them.


There is no peculiar consideration for crossover students in terms of hostel allocation.

Ensure that you pay your fees immediately the school fees portal open. 

Due to the limited bed space, it is necessary to be on the lookout. Apply the very minute the hostel portal is available. 

After this time frame, you would need a miracle to get hostel accommodation in Enugu campus.

How Much is Hostel in UNEC

  • UNEC hostel fees are fifteen thousand Naira for female students. 
  • Male students pay twelve thousand Naira.

Be aware that you may pay a little amount of money for your hostel clearance.

Student Affairs Department, UNEC

The student affairs department in UNEC is behind the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Students living in the boys or girls hostel in UNEC do their hostel clearance here. The clearance fee cost two thousand Naira only. Also, you would have to buy some items like mattress, macintosh (rubber bed sheet), etc.

The department also handles other student-related activities in Enugu campus.

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Boys Quarters in UNEC

Boys quarters accommodation is one of the best options for students. The advantages are steady power supply, security, proximity, serenity e.t.c.

The quarters are in the residential areas inside the school. It is a one-room accommodation situated among the staff houses. 

Despite being the favourite accommodation option for most students, These rooms are not readily available for rent.

There are only a few quarters available. You need to find a final year students moving out to secure the accommodation. 

The problem is that most of the time, these students already have a person to take over the lodge. 

To rent a boy quarter, visit the Enugu Campus. Ask for direction to the residential area. Here, you can begin to make inquiries on how to get the quarters.

The Disadvantage of Boys Quarter in UNEC

There is no logical downside in accommodation. The only turnoff is that the apartment is not self-contained – No kitchen and toilet inside the room. 

Occupants cook in front of their rooms and share a toilet with about four co-tenants.

How Much is Boy’s Quarters in UNEC

The price is between one hundred and twenty thousand to one hundred and sixty thousand (₦12,000 – 160,000).

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Lodges in UNEC

UNEC off campus accommodation is the main challenge for new and crossover students. It is why you need to have the necessary information in this post.

There are four areas for UNEC off campus accommodation. They are;

  • College Road
  • Maryland
  • Corridor Layout
  • Kenyatta

The problem students encounter when searching for lodges off-campus is greedy house agents. You should pay about ten thousand for an agency fee. But some of these students would want to extort as high as thirty thousand from you.

If you would be searching for a house through an agent, make sure you ask how much they charge for an agency fee.

Also, you may pay one thousand before you see the lodges. They do this so they won’t be at a complete loss in case you decide to work with another agent.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of accommodation.

House Rent: The actual amount for the accommodation you want to rent.

Legal Fee: It is the amount paid for tenancy agreement between the tenant and landlord.

The cost of the legal fee is between the sum of five to twenty thousand Naira (₦5,000 –20,000)

Caution Fee: Caution fee is a refundable amount you pay to agree you would not damage the property. If by the end of your tenancy you do not destroy any part of the property. You get a refund of the money.

Service Charge: It is a fee paid for lodges under the management of a real estate firm. The money takes care of security, maintenance and sanitation.

Disclaimer: Note that the cost of accommodation contained in this post may change. You should settle for a lodge that fits your budget.

Also, most of the self-contained apartment does not have a kitchen. You can always convert a balcony to the kitchen. See picture below.

UNEC Self contain balcony
Self Contain Balcony

Now here are details on the different areas and the cost of accommodation.

College Road UNEC

College Road is at the front axis of UNEC. The student ratio is low. There are more business and residential buildings here compared to student lodges.

Pros of Staying in College Road

  1. Proximity: The proximity to school is the main advantage.
  2. Borehole Water Supply: You will get access to the borehole.
  3. Good Road Network: College road has a good road network to school.
  4. Constant Power Supply: The power supply is stable.

Cons of Staying in College Road

  1. High Cost of Living: The cost of living is very high. It is due to its location.

How Much Is Lodges in College Road

Self Contain: One hundred and twenty thousand to two hundred and eight thousand (₦120,000 – 280,000)

Single Room: Eighty thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand ((₦80,000 – 120,000)

Maryland UNEC

Maryland is the most sort after area by students. It is accessible through the University small gate. Dynasty lodge is a popular hostel in Maryland.

Pros of Staying in Maryland

  1. Cheap Accommodation: The cost of accommodation is cost-effective here compared to College Road.
  2. Steady Power Supply: The power supply in Maryland is constant.

Cons of Staying in Maryland

Road Network: The road from Maryland to the school gate is untarred. It implies that you will have to polish your shoes after you arrive at your lecture venue during the dry season.

Also, during the rainy season, you may have to do some calculative steps while walking.

No Borehole Water Supply: Students in Maryland rely on well water or buy water.

How Much Is Lodges in Maryland

Self Contain: Eighty thousand to one hundred and ninety thousand (₦80,000 – 190,000)

Single Room: Seventy to one hundred and ten thousand (₦70,000 – 110,000)

Corridor Layout in UNEC

Corridor layout is behind the Department of Human Anatomy. The student population here is low compared to Maryland or College road.

Most of the buildings are residential houses. However, if you are thinking of renting a flat, then corridor layout may be the best option for you.

How Much Is Lodges in Corridor Layout

Self Contain: One hundred and twenty thousand – one hundred and eighty thousand (₦120,000 – 180,000)

Kenyatta Axis, Enugu

Kenyatta is a market in Enugu located East to UNEC. A few students live around the market area. The campus gate is accessible through a short court. It is important to note that only a few students live here.

Pros of Staying in Kenyatta

  1. The power supply in the market area is constant.
  2. Borehole Water Supply

Cons of Staying in College Road

  • Low student ratio
  • High cost of living

Cost of Accommodation in Kenyatta Axis Enugu

Self Contain: One hundred and twenty-five thousand – one hundred and eighty thousand Naira (₦125,000 – 180,000)

List of Lodges in UNEC

  • Dynasty Lodge 
  • Brown Lodge 
  • Mini Market Lodge
  • Maryland Primary School Road

How Much Is Electricity Off Campus

Electricity off campus ranges between five hundred to two thousand Naira per month.

In some lodges, the landlord pays the electricity bill. Wherever you want to stay, make sure you inquire about the cost of electricity.

How Much is Water Sold Off Camus

Fifty to seventy naira is the amount for gallon water off-campus. But, I recommend you settle for a lodge with access to well water. This way, you don’t have to buy water except during the dry season.

My Verdict: Maryland is the best option if you want to stay in an affordable student environment. Also, the lodges here are cheaper compared to other places around campus.

College road is the best deal if you need a top-notch self to contain with running water, etc.

Do you want to share a flat with other classmates? Corridor layout should be your best bet.

IJ Port

IJ port is a business centre in UNN Enugu campus. It serves students in the College of Medicine. Lecture materials and past questions are available here. The place offers printing and photocopy services.

Additionally, the IJ port has a football pitch. Sports and religious activities take place here.

How to Get Medical Care in UNEC

The medical centre is beside Ojukwu Hostel – opposite the UNN ICT centre. If you experience any health challenge, visit the health centre for medical attention. 

  • Visit the Medical Centre reception.
  • Request that you want to see a physician.
  • Submit a copy of your school fees receipt.
  • You will get a hospital number that you will use anytime you need medical attention.

Note: Always visit the Medical Centre with a copy of your school fees receipt.

Also, save your medical card number in your phone or write it down somewhere you can remember.

Where to Read in UNEC

UNEC Library

University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus has a library. You can study without any disturbance whatsoever. 

The school library is not open after 6 pm. However, the building is accessible from Monday – Friday.

White House

White House is beside the Faculty of Health Sciences. The building white in colour. It has a large auditorium. 

It serves as a venue for the General Studies Programme (GSP) and other interdepartmental courses.

After the close of lectures around 4 pm UNEC students can study at the White House. The disadvantage here is that the building does not have a study table. So you have to place your books on your lap. Like the Library, it not open by 6 pm. The building is not accessible at night.

Faculty Building

Or, students usually study in their respective Faculties. These faculty buildings are available for night classes.

Physiology Auditorium

Physiology auditorium is a popular study venue for College of Medicine students.

Banks in UNEC

There are only two banks in UNEC – Access bank and UBA Bank.

Access Bank

Access bank in UNEC is beside Victory Ground. Opposite the University Power and Works Department.

The bank also has an ATM terminal at Manuwa female hostel in UNEC.

UBA Bank

UBA bank in UNEC is beside the Chapel of Redemption and in front of CBN Postgraduate building.

College of Medicine students pay for Anatomy course registration here.

The UBA ATM is notable for dispensing five hundred Naira. Trust me, 5h can be a life-changer for students in Enugu campus.

Access bank ATM dispenses one thousand Naira note.

Both Banks open by 8 am and closes by 4 pm.

ATM Off Campus in UNEC

Maryland ATM

There is also a UBA ATM at Maryland opposite the Maryland Shopping Plaza.

College Road ATM

Students living in College road have access to the UNN MicroFinance Bank ATM.

Banks in Keyentta

  • Zenith Bank
  • United Bank of Africa (UBA)

Sports Facilities in UNEC

  • UNEC Stadium
  • IJ Port Football Pitch
  • Victory Ground – Lawn Tennis, Basketball and Volley Ball

Where to Eat and Shop in UNEC

  • Old Refectory
  • Lady Ibiam Shopping Centre
  • Shoprite – Polo Park Enugu
  • Spar Enugu
  • Ogbete Market
  • Kenyatta Market
  • Roban Stores

Transportation in UNEC

Transportation cost in Enugu Campus is very affordable. From the Bus stop to most places in school is thirty Naira.

Relaxation Spots in UNEC

UNEC love garden
UNEC Love Garden
  • Love Garden – Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • Lady Ibiam
  • Boys Hostel common room (Live Football)

Where to Pray in UNEC

Victory ground is the prayer mountain for students in Enugu Campus. It is beside Access Bank.

Campus Fellowships in UNEC

Here is the list of campus fellowships in UNEC;

  • St. Mulumba Catholic Chaplaincy, UNEC
  • Chapel of Redemption, Enugu Campus
  • Redeemed Campus Fellowship (RCF)
  • Deeper Life Campus Fellowship (DLCF)
  • Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES)
  • Scripture Union Campus Fellowship (SUCF)
  • The Lord’s Chosen Campus Fellowship
  • Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS)
  • Mountain of Fire and Miracles Campus Fellowship
  • New Covenant Family (NCF)
  • Student Christian Movement (SCM)
  • Winners’ Campus Fellowship (WCF)
  • Christ Ambassadors Student Outreach (CASOR)
  • Student Christian Union
  • Christian Association of Business Students (CABS)
  • Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF)
  • National Fellowship of Christian Medical Laboratory Science Students (NAFECMLSS)

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List of Faculties in UNEC

There are seven faculties in UNEC. Here is the list of Departments and Faculties in the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus;

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology
  3. Faculty of Business Administration
  4. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  5. Faculty of Dentistry
  6. Faculty of Environmental Studies
  7. Faculty of Medical Sciences

University of Nigeria Enugu Campus Law Faculty

  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Customary and Indigenous Law
  • International and Comparative Law
  • Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
  • Private Law
  • Property Law
  • Public Law

Dress Code

Male: White shirt and black trouser

Female: White shirt and black skirt

Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology UNEC Enugu

  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Radiography and Radiological Sciences
  • Medical Rehabilitation

Dress Code

Male: White shirt, black trousers and red tie

Female: White clinical gown

Faculty of Business Administration

  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Management

Dress Code

Male: Blue shirt on black or navy blue trouser

Female: Blue shirt and black skirt

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Human Anatomy
  • Department of Human Physiology
  • Medical Biochemistry

Dress Code

Male: White shirt on ash trouser

Female: White shirt on ash skirt

Faculty of Environmental Studies

  • Architecture
  • Estate Management
  • Urban and Regional Planning 
  • Geoinformatics and Surveying 

Faculty of Dentistry

  • Child Dental Health
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Preventive and Community Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine

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Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Anaesthesia
  • Chemical Pathology
  • Community Medicine
  • Haematology and Immunology
  • Medical Biochemisty
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Medicine
  • Morbid Anatomy
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Paediatrics
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • Psychological Medicine
  • Surgery

Pictures of UNEC Campus

Department of Human Anatomy, UNEC
Department of Human Anatomy, UNEC
Victory ground, UNEC
Road leading tobAccess Bank & St. Mulumba Catholic Chaplaincy, UNEC
CBN Post Graduate Building, UNEC
CBN Post Graduate Building, UNEC

I would love to hear from you in the comment box. If you have any question or need clarification, do let me know.

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