About Me

Hi! My name is Blessing Olarewaju, an introvert, currently a student at the University of Nigeria. I love to write, learn and Read. I’m a passionate lifelong learner who is addicted to the Human Life of the Internet. When I am not writing or eating beans, I am on Wiki reading biographies.

I began my blogging journey in June 2013. I entered the blogosphere like other amateur bloggers with lots of optimism of putting together a successful blog. I started with a lifestyle blog (Blevopedia) which I managed for many years before moving to another lifestyle blog (Blegostyle). I still did not perceive any success. In 2016, I launched a Health blog (Healthostyle). Here I am today with Diary of a Lion – my last bus stop.

I started Diary of a Lion because I felt the need to document my thoughts and share my daily experiences. So far, the experience has been amazing. I want to look back, read my entries and appreciate my progress. Writing on my Nigerian Lifestyle blog has helped me improve my writing skill, helped my mental health.

My goal is to write on my blog more than I write on my head. I intend to give my readers relevant contents, stories and hacks that are relatable and implementable. As you join me on this journey, I remain optimistic. The experience is fulfilling.

Welcome to OBODiary