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Divine Settlement

Divine settlement according to the bible in Exodus 3:7-8 means to get compensation from God. It is a process of experiencing deliverance from your challenges or struggles. It means for God to take you out of a negative situation and place you in a land flowing with milk and honey.

The Way to the top for Christians

As a Christian, the way to the top is to make heaven and live a prosperous life on earth. To be at the top means to receive a divine settlement from God. Your career, successful marriage, health, spiritual life, finance, every other thing is top-notch.

Building a Godly Relationship Before Marriage

The strategies of building a healthy Christian relationship with your partner before marriage is in two-facet. Being a Christian and building a healthy relationship.

How to Hear God’s Voice

How to hear God’s voice when making a decision is fundamental for every Christian. God has always sought to have a personal fellowship with humanity.

A kind of relationship where individuals hear from God. God desires that we hear his voice. He wants to get involved in every aspect of our lives.

The Meaning and Importance of Salvation

he importance and types of soul winning is a key topic of bible study discussion. This post contains a bible exposition on Jesus pattern of soul winning.

Soul winning and evangelism is the act of preaching the gospel of Christ to unbelievers. To people who have not yet given their lives to Christ.

Walking in Spiritual Authority

Walking in spiritual authority or divine ability is living under the influence of God’s grace and unlimited favour. It means to have spiritual power and authority of God. Spiritual authority of the believer gives Christian the enablement to live a fruitful and prosperous life.